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My oil painting method is usually fairly direct as this sequence of images shows. The reference photograph was taken on a hot summers day in July 2011. After some cropping on the PC I decided on a square format, doing an oil sketch on a small 40cm square canvas in preparation. On review of the sketch I decided to simplify the image for the final painting, removing some background detail and the mass of dark foliage to the right. I also decided on a higher skyline to place more emphasis on the foreground
The final painting was completed on a 60cm square canvas. I always start with a toned canvas and a rough sketch. In this case I wanted to work loosely so I kept the drawing to an absolute minimum and merely went for an indication of tone. I generally use medium sized filbert hog brushes for blocking in colour. The tree trunks were done with a smaller flat brush using small horizontal strokes. Most of the foliage and foreground was done with my 1 inch decorators brush. Finishing off detail was completed with a rigger.